At Butcher we search out farmers and suppliers who believe, as we do, in the goodness of naturally, ethically and humanely raising their animals.  We refuse to cut corners and expect the same of our suppliers – we demand the best for our customers.  Read on below to find out why we are a trusted source of high-quality protein for you and your family!

100% Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef

  • We work with Bruce Valley Farms for our 100% grass fed grass finished beef.
  • All beef is pasture raised with no added hormones or antibiotics used
  • Animals roam at will through pastures, all pastures are allowed to naturally regenerate, no artificial fertilizers, chemicals or insecticides are used.

  • We work with Bar Five Angus for our Angus AAA beef, pasture raised with no added hormones or antibiotics used
  • Animals roam at will through pastures, all pastures are allowed to naturally regenerate, no artificial fertilizers, chemicals or insecticides are used.

What is the difference between AAA grain finished and 100% grass fed grass finished?

100% grass fed, grass finished is just that – the animal is never fed anything other than pasture and hay.  The hay it consumes during the winter months comes from the same pastures it might graze on in summer months.  As the cattle graze, they also fertilize, resulting in completely natural regeneration of the pastures, better for the earth, the environment, and the cows.

AAA grain finished is also raised completely naturally on pasture – except for a brief period in the last weeks/months before going to market, the animals are supplemented with a non GMO blend of grains to increase marbling – which results in the AAA grading.  If you are looking for a steakhouse kind of steak, this should be your choice!

Ontario Pork Proud

  • We work with Conestoga alongside Ontario pork farmers to produce high quality pork, sustainably farmed.
  • Our farmers feed their animals from their own crops and fields.
  • No hormones or chemicals are used.
  • We believe in raising animals responsibly, with as little stress and human interference as possible.

Conestoga is farmer owned – every farm is family owned and operated and has been producing pork for decades.  Our farmers work collectively to constantly improve their products, yet maintaining the naturally raised, sustainable methods we believe in.  Conestoga pork is raised without growth hormones or chemicals and are ractopamine free.

 Air Chilled Ontario Poultry

  • Free run, raised with no antibiotics as well as no hormones or steroids.
  • Air chilled poultry is the way chicken should be. When processing, poultry has to be cooled quickly in order to prevent bacteria growth.  Traditional processing used water chilling – dunking the poultry into large vats of very cold water and letting them soak for a few minutes.  This allows all of the product to touch other product, and also allows the meat to soak up some of the water.  In addition, this process requires a food safe bleach be used in the vats of water to prevent bacteria growth.  Between the water and the bleach – your chicken is now carrying extra weight – and will result in a rubbery, dry end product when cooked, as the water evaporates.  Air chilling calls for the suspension of each bird from lines, separated from each other and passing quickly through chilling chambers – no cross contamination, no excess water, no bleach!  You can see and taste the difference when you cook our poultry!

 Wild Caught Seafood

  • All of our seafood is wild-caught and sustainably harvested.
  • Our suppliers are Ocean Wise certified – they belong to this organisation because they believe, as we do, that we need to protect our oceans today, so our future generations will be able to enjoy them.
  • Our wild sockeye salmon is caught off the Pacific coast; our scallops are from the deepest coldest waters of the Atlantic; our shrimp is Selva – it comes from the mangrove forests and is never given any feed or chemicals; our rainbow trout is from cold rivers and streams here in Ontario.

Stronger and Better Together

We believe in quality, naturally achieved.  We work with trusted partners and suppliers every day who follow the same tenets and beliefs regarding supporting local farmers and raising healthy, happy animals, naturally.  We are avid supporters of Ontario’s proud farming heritage and will continue to work with them to bring their hard work to your table.

We also believe that a strong, happy team is crucial to remaining successful.  We choose our partners carefully – ensuring that they treat their employees as a team – knowing that, without that team, none of us would be able to continue doing the work we are so proud of.